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August 2015 Week Three

smallAmerican Woman smallBabe, this should be illegal. smallCamp David, the Cheney Years smallDon't talk with your mouth full smallLife in Ferguson smallLinda's Quiet Repose smallNo one loves you... like I do smallSadness of the Duffys smallThe Naked Hank smallyour hands are so cold


August 2015, Week One

smallStreet art 5 smallstreet art 6 smallStreet Art 7 smallStreet Art 8 smallStreet Art 9 smallStreet Art 10 smallStreet Art 11 smallStreet Art 12

July 2015, Week Four

smallA Beached Beast, 1942 smallBowling For Dollars smallGod's Expectations smallI ain't good looking but I can dance smallI'm drawing a complete blank. smallLady in the black handlebar smallLook lady, let's make this quick. smallThe Always Engaging Ms. Heinkel smallThe Anxious Woman

July 2015, Week Three

smalla rose in Spanish Harlem smallGenova on the beach smallI’m sure you gentlemen can appreciate how difficult this is for my lady.

June 2015, Week Five

smallA day in the park smallLife is not what it seems. smallso much to live for. smallthings that should not have been said. smallWhy do we worship the flag

June 2015, Week Two

smallA walk in the park smallAnd from Adam's rib God made.... AHHHHH! smallCruising the Night smallWhy don’t we go up to my apartment for a nightcap smallYou think I won't do it, Jimmy

May 2015, Week Two

smallAmerican Foreign Policy smallI am not worthy smallI have never felt so transparent. smallI'll never love again smallJust one time... tell me what you’re thinking...I can’t. I just can’t. smallLost in a thought. smallMeet the girls at Fox News smallthe man who learnt how to smoke